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The Original PROFENDER  is the only mobile training device that simulates a real defender! It can be used in multiple offensive and defensive drills. There are no limitations for what a coach or trainer can do with the device. Every drill will be enhanced with the addition of The Original PROFENDER. 


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The Original PROFENDER offers five great products with a price range that satisfies every programs budget concerns from Youth to NBA.  


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“The Original PROFENDER is the is the best training tool available for coaches and players at simulating defensive pressure on shooters”                                                                                                                         -Coach Bob Hurley Sr.

                                                            ( Hall of Fame coach)

"I think it is a great tool to help shooting the ball with defense.  Now everyshot can be contested .  I agree they will be on every gym floor"  

​                                                                                - Dave Hopla

                                                            (Knicks Shooting Coach)      

"I think the Original PROFENDER is a great idea, great product.  I believe it is something we can use on the Professional level all the way down to the Youth leagues"

                                                                                  -Tamika Catchings

                                                             (2011  WNBA MVP)                                                  


Check out some great videos showing The Original PROFENDER in action as well as testimonials from our valued Customers.


VIDEOS & Drills


​​​The Original PROFENDER was invented by Tony Devine in 2008 and he started selling his products in late 2010.  The idea came to him while looking for a basketball training device for his son Devon.